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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, January and February 1964
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    New Years Day - Fire God, 01/01/64: The Houston Fire Department responds to a fire. 
    Strom Thurman [sic], 01/02/64: Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina argues against the Civil Rights Bill of 1964. Thurmond, who served in the Senate from 1954 to 2003, switched his party affiliation from Democrat to Republican because of his opposition to the legislation. 
    Train Wreck, 01/08/64: Aerial and on-the-ground footage of a train wreck in Jersey Village
    Pasadena Wall: Silent footage of a fence surrounding a Pasadena neighborhood
    Editorial - Garbage: KHOU editorial segment criticizing the city council's failure to address an overflowing landfill in south Houston. 
    Hi Burr - Roney Home
    McLemore on Welch (Dept. Hours): Councilman Lee McLemore commends Mayor Louie Welch's selection of department heads
    Lima Trial, 02/24/64: Inside the Harris County Courthouse for the second trial of Carolyn Lima. Lima's attorney, Clyde Woody, sits to the right of her. Lima was convicted in 1961 for the fatal shooting of Houston realtor Fred Tones and sentenced to execution. Lima's boyfriend, Leslie Elaine Perez (a transgender woman then known as Leslie Douglas Ashley) was also convicted and sentenced to death. Lima would have been the first woman legally executed in Texas in nearly 100 years. Federal Circuit Judge John R. Brown issued stays of execution for Lima and Perez on March 29, four hours before they were scheduled to die. In 1963, the US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the prosecution had suppressed evidence favorable to Lima and Perez, and ordered new trials for both. Lima's second trial took place from February 17 to 28, 1964. 
    Harris County District Attorney Frank Briscoe at the end of the table
    Criminal District Judge Miron A. Love
    Lima Final Sentence: Lima returns to the courtroom. After deliberating for four hours, the jury convicted Lima of murder and set her punishment for five years.