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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, March 1963
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Danny Thomas, 03/17/63: Legendary actor and comedian Danny Thomas talks about the inaugural Teenage March Against Leukemia, organized by his group, the American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities. Teenagers across the country went door-to-door to solicit donations for St. Jude Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, which treats children suffering from catastrophic diseases. Thomas founded the hospital the previous year. 
    Thomas comments on his program, The Danny Thomas Show (originally known as Make Room for Daddy). 
    USS Texas, 03/19/63: Newsman Ron Stone reports on what the US Navy plans to do with the remaining battleships in its reserve fleet. The USS Texas, anchored along the Houston Ship Channel, left the reserve fleet in 1948 when she was turned over to the State of Texas as a museum ship. 
    Shuptrine, 03/37/63: Interview with Chief Carl Shuptrine of the Houston Police Department. Shuptrine resigned in June of that year to take over the police department for the Port of Houston.
    Huntsville, 03/27/63: A KHOU reporter covers the scheduled executions of Leslie Elaine Perez (a transgender woman known in court as Leslie Douglas Ashley) and Carolyn Lima. Jack Hurd, assistant director of the state prison system, also explains how stays of execution are obtained. Perez and Lima were convicted in 1961 for the fatal shooting of Houston realtor Fred Tones. Federal Circuit Judge John R. Brown granted the couple stays of execution less than four hours before they were scheduled to die. Both ultimately received new trials, after which Lima was sentenced to five years in prison and Perez was declared insane and sent to a state mental hospital in San Antonio. Perez escaped, spending six month on the run before being discovered working as a clown for a traveling carnival. She was tried again for Tones' murder and sentenced to 15 years, serving five. 
    W. H. Jones (Services), 03/28/63: Funeral service for W. H. Jones.
    Rapist: Police investigate a rape case. 
    Rapists: Following a car chase, police apprehend a pair of suspected rapists.