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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, December 1962
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Jerry S. O'Brien, 12/05/62: Trial of Houston insurance salesman Jerry S. O'Brien on charges of illegal conversion of funds from an estate. On June 20, a Harris County grand jury indicted O'Brien, attorneys Bryson Martin and Richard Putney, and Probate Judge Clem McClelland on charges of theft, appropriation, and conversion of estates to their own use. McClelland was subsequently disbarred. He went to trial in early 1963, where he was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison. 
    Firebug Investigation[?], 12/07/62
    Okla Governor - SOF by Stone, 12/08/62: Newsman Ron Stone interviews Governor J. Howard Edmondson of Oklahoma about working with a legislature controlled by the opposite party
    Texas Welfare Dept. - Bldg Problem[?], 12/12/62: A representative with the Texas Department of Public Welfare (now known as the Texas Health and Human Services Commission) responds to an official notice by the Houston City Council about the state of the agency's building
    First Cuban Castro Prison, 12/26/62: Stone talks with a woman about negotiations to free prisoners held in Cuba
    Family members await the return of a freed prisoner
    Dr Sabin Type II: A Houston-area doctor discusses protections against an outbreak of disease