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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, July 1962
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Jahem[?] Chek[?], 07/30/62: Interview with a coroner about a suspicious death.
    Baytown Oil Fire, 07/31/62: Firefighters battle an oil fire in Baytown.
    Governors[?]: Dinner party for the Southern Governors Conference, held in Hollywood, Florida, from October 1-5, 1962. 
    Harvesting coconuts for Governors Price Daniel of Texas, Albert Rosellini of Washington, Ernest Hollings of South Carolina, John Patterson of Alabama, and Buford Ellington of Tennessee.
    Montrose Mart, Burglar Shot: Detectives investigate a break-in at the Montrose Food Market while the suspected burglar is treated for a gunshot wound. 
    Goyen, Port Authority: W. E. Goyen, purchasing manager for the Port of Houston, addresses the press. 
    Galveston Hotel: Newsman Ron Stone reports on the plan to build a multi-million-dollar hotel on the former Pleasure Pier structure. The pier closed the previous year as a result of Hurricane Carla. While the Flagship Hotel, completed in 1965, withstood several storms, the hotel closed in 2008 due to severe damage caused by Hurricane Ike. The site is now home to the Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier, which opened in 2012. 
    B. Calvin[?] Jones
    John Tower (Galveston) : Senator John Tower of Texas advises that the United States take immediate steps in response to the "clear and present danger" of Soviet military forces in Cuba.