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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, 1962
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Waggoner Carr: Waggoner Carr announces his campaign for state attorney general. Carr won, ultimately serving two terms. 
    Rep Francis Walters [sic]: Interview with Congressman Francis Walter of Pennsylvania about radical groups like the John Birch Society. Walter was a prominent member of the House Un-American Activities Committee. 
    Freeze Galveston Bay: In January 1962, an arctic outbreak moved across Texas, freezing lakes and rivers across the state. In Texas City, Galveston Bay froze from the shore out to about 100 yards.
    Davis, Maggie: Margaret Davis, a journalist with the Houston Press
    Shepard [sic] - County Superintendent: J. Hall Sheppard resigns superintendent of the Harris County Department of Education on January 8, 1962, amid proposed legislation to abolish the office.  
    Connally, John: Interview with John Connally about his motivation to resign from the office of Secretary of the Navy in order to run for governor of Texas. Connally ultimately defeated incumbent Price Daniel in the Democratic primary and won the election. He served three terms. 
    Godds: A police officer describes why he arrested an individual who disagreed with receiving a ticket. 
    Lee MacLemore [sic] on Bus: Councilman Lee McLemore passionately defends the Houston City Council's decision not to take the highest bid for a transportation project. McLemore served 10 consecutive terms on the Council from 1952 to 1972. 
    Ed Murrow: Interview with journalist Edward R. Murrow about the 1962 Soviet nuclear tests.