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Step to the Music
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    Down syndrome is most commonly caused by trisomy 21, or when a person possesses a full or partial extra copy of chromosome 21. Approximately 6,000 babies are born with Down syndrome in the United States every year. 
    Harris County Center for the Retarded, formerly known as the Houston Association for Retarded Children and now known simply as the Center. Established in 1950, the organizations provides a number of services to help those with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve personal independence. 
    Dr. Frank Borreca, the Center's first executive director, explains the importance of support programs and the kind of services that the Center offers. Borreca led the organization for 35 years. 
    Rose Marie "Rosemary" Kennedy, older sister to President John F. Kennedy, developed intellectual disabilities following a lack of oxygen at birth. Patriarch Joe Kennedy arranged for his 23-year-old daughter to receive a prefrontal lobotomy. The failed surgery left Rosemary permanently incapacitated. The Kennedys immediately institutionalized her, essentially excising her from the family and publicly denying her condition for 20 years. Rosemary's sister, Eunice Kenedy Shriver, established the Special Olympics in 1968. 
    In the classroom
    Exercise programs
    Judgment training
    Homemaking class
    On the the workshop floor
    Manager Jim Gonzales explains the function of the factory and reprimands an employee
    History of the Center
    Dr. Borreca describes the agency's primary goal as well as other programs not featured in the film
    Weekly dance activity