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The Canavan Collection - HemisFair ‘68 and a Hippity Hop Ball (1968)
Pam Canavan
Silent |
1968 |
| N/A
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    Aerial view of parked cars outside HemisFair '68
    Aerial view of the San Antonio Monorail. The attraction left one person dead and 48 injured during the 1968 fair. Investigators determined the derailment as a result of two loaded cars bumping into each other on a curve, in turn causing an 11-car derailment. The victim was Emilee Schmidt, a 65-year old woman from Missouri, who died after being pinned down by one of the carts. 
    The San Antonio River
    Tower of the Americas, designed by architect O'Neil Ford and built as the theme structure for the 1968 World's Fair. It was the tallest observation tower in the United states until 1996.
    Members of the Holt family bounce around the house with a Hippity Hop Ball