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The Layer Family Collection - Splash Day Parade (1961)
James Layer
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    A very happy-looking dog
    Splash Day's Co-Chairmen, Early Burch and Jack M.
    An unidentifiable military drill team
    Here come the clowns
    John McCann, president of the Galveston Convention and Tourist Bureau
    Parade Marshall Charles B. Smith, president of the Galveston Chamber of Commerce
    Houston Radio Patrol
    El Mina Temple Drum and Bugle Corps
    Senator John Tower of Texas drives by the crowd
    A dog, who appears to be driving
    Texas DeMolay, a fraternity for young men
    Sea & Ski Tanning Lotion float
    Affiliated National Hotel
    Jax Brewing Corporation float
    Falstaff Brewing Corporation float
    Arlington marching band
    Hula Hut
    T. D. Armstrong, who defied racial prejudices prevalent at the time to own multiple businesses, including Armstrong-Strode Funeral Home, Armstrong Drug Store, T.D. Armstrong Reality, and Tyler Life Insurance Company, one of the largest Texas-owned, predominantly African-American insurance companies in Texas