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The Last of the Little Breweries (1976)
William Mackie
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1976 |
| English
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    The Last of the Little Breweries 
    Brewmaster, Kosmos Spoetzl, from Bavaria, Germany
    Firemans Band
    Spoetzl buys a small brewery in Shiner
    Spoetzl teaches his employees the brewery business
    Spoetzl uses the Bavarian method of brewing with only barley malt and hops
    The National Prohibition Act of 1920
    Spoetzl makes nonalcoholic, near beer
    Spoetzl is caught in Houston for selling alcoholic beer
    Beer is legalized in 1933 with the end of Prohibition
    Joe Patek Orchestra
    Spoetzl dies on June 17th, 1950
    Kevin Kosmos Wallace, a good friend of Spoetzl
    Spoetzl's daughter, Cecelie Spoetzl-A Sedlmeyer, takes over the business