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Dancy Street (1975)
William Mackie
Sound |
1975 |
| English
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  • Highlights
    Residents of Dancy Street sit around and converse about composer Scott Joplin
    Noel Debarberry leaves to buy more beer
    Noel crashes his car
    A mysterious man taps on the car window
    Noel realizes something is amiss when he calls his house 
    Noel returns to his house and discovers it converted into a museum
    Noel finds his belongings enclosed within exhibits
    A museum personnel welcomes him to the museum
    Noel sits in his old chair, now seen as a fragile artifact
    Noel observes his belongings on display, while voiceover narration describes the cultural significance
    Noel sees his own body in an enclosed, glass case
    Noel sees a picture of himself on the wall and runs out of the museum