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The Highest Level (1980)
William Mackie
Sound |
1980 |
| English
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    Research vessel Longhorn, operated by the Marine Sciences Institute
    Geophysics Laboratory Institute for Geophysics in Galveston
    The Center for Research and Water Resources
    The Bureau of Economic Geology
    Petroleum Extension Service, PETEX
    The Structures Laboratory
    Genetics Institute
    The Center for Energy Studies
    Fusion Research Center
    Tartlon Law Library at the School of Law
    The Bureau of Business Research
    The Center on Child Abuse and Neglect, School of Social Work
    Sarah and Ernest Butler Opera Center, Butler School of Music
    Speech Language Pathology Program, Communications Sciences and Disorders
    Humanities Research Center
    Austin Folklore Center
    Winedale Historical Center in Round Top
    McDonald Observatory in Fort Davis