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Integrated Program for Blind Children
Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired Museum
Silent |
c. 1960s |
| English
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    "Growth Toward Reading Begins at Home"
    "Physical Development: Using Large Muscles, Using Small Muscles"
    "Rich Experiences: Animals, Nature, Trips Near and Far"
    "Auditory Skills: Responding to Vocal and Non-Vocal Sounds, Noticing Pitch, Timbre, Intensity"
    "Language Skills: Sharing Ideas, Increasing Vocabulary, Using Clear Speech"
    "Dramatic Play"
    "Mobility: Freedom, Confidence, Specific Techniques"
    "Building Vocabulary"
    "Experience Charts: Reading by Rote"
    "Matching: Sentences, Objects, Words, Flash Cards"
    "Group Reading Workbook Lessons"
    "Poor Reading Techniques Like These Can Be Improved"
    "Reading for Pleasure: Exploring Library Books, Playing Word Games"
    "Reading for Information: Cafeteria Menu, Calendar"
    "Growing Into Reading is a Broad and Continuous Process"