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The Sam Riley Movies - Vacation in the Western US and Canada, Part II (1960)
Helen Wilson
Silent |
1960 |
| N/A
  • Map
  • Highlights
    Grand Coulee Dam in Washington
    Canadian border, Kingsgate, British Columbia
    Trail riding on horseback, likely in Banff National Park
    Moose by a lake
    Feeding wild goats
    A statue of Thomas Francis Meagher in front of the Montana State Capitol in Helena
    Bears and bison in Yellowstone National Park
    Trail riding on horseback
    Old Faithful
    A second geyser eruption in Yellowstone National Park, possibly the Beehive Geyser
    Grotto Geyser
    A bear and its cub
    The Colorado Capitol in Denver
    The Grand Wash trail in Capitol Reef National Park, Utah
    Hiking on the Grand Wash trail