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Bastrop County 2016 Round-Up Reel
Color & B/W
  • Map
  • Highlights
    Tourism film about Bastrop
    Television segment about the historic Bastrop Opera House
    1960s home movie of a parade in Smithville
    Fields of wildflowers
    High school football game from the 1950s
    Beauty pageant from the 1991 Smithville Jamboree
    1962 television segment about Bastrop State Park
    River baptism from the 1950s
    Television footage showcasing Lake Bastrop Acres neighborhood
    Actor Beau Bridges describes his experience shooting a film on location in Bastrop
    Home movie of a parade in Giddings from the 1950s
    1991 Elgin Western Days Festival
    Tourism film featuring actor Barry Corbin
    1950s home movie of a children's tournament
    Footage of Olympic gold-medalists Carl Lewis and Jackie Joyner Kersee
    Home movie from the 1970s of Christmas and Easter celebrations
    Football practice
    Student film about the history of Elgin
    PSA about hunting safety from 1972
    1980s home movie of grass sledding and a child's birthday party
    Circus parade in Austin in 1912
    John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson campaigning in Texas in 1960