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Faces of Amarillo No. 5 - Depression (1987)
Panhandle PBS
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1987 |
| English
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    W.W. "Windy" Nicklaus reflects on the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression
    Kathrine Kirk Wilson on how teachers were paid in script during the Depression
    Theo Zweig on how the Depression hurt his family's business
    Stanley Blackburn on how his family attempted to survive during the Depression
    Dr. George Waddill on bartering practices
    Ray Hollingsworth on gas prices and where cheap food could be found
    Dr. Allen Early on the development of Thompson Park and how it put people to work
    Dr. Pete Petersen and Pete Gilvin on the WPA
    Dust storms and drought during the Dust Bowl
    Positive memories during the Depression, such as football games on Saturday afternoons at Butler Field
    Putt Powell on Amarillo Sandie championship games