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The Blalock Family Collection - New Orleans Streetcar and Texas Railroads
Bruce Blalock
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    On the street in New Orleans
    Inside a street car driving down St. Charles Avenue 
    Passing Nashville Avenue 
    Passing Audubon Park
    Passing Audubon Place, a privately gated street  
    At a street car stop
    Robert E. Lee Monument, made by sculptor Alexander Doyle and removed by official order on May 19, 2017
    F. W. Woolworth Company next to Imperial Shoe Store on Canal Street
    The Cotton Belt, or St. Louis Southwestern Railway: Southwestern Pacific Company acquired the Cotton Belt in 1992, though they had approval to control the Cotton Belt beginning in 1932. 
    Katy Freight Train, also known as the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad: The M-K-T was the first railroad from the North to make its way through Texas. The company began in 1865 under the name Union Pacific Railway, Southern Branch. However, after the Civil War in 1866, Congress adopted provisions to expand the railway into the state of Texas. The railway changed its name to Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railway Company in 1870, though became known as the Gateway to Texas or the Katy. 
    Texas State Railroad Number 200 4-6-0 water tower steam engine: The Texas State Railroad is a historic railroad built in 1883 between Palestine and Rusk Texas. Freight service ended in 1921, at which the state leased the train to private companies. In 1969, the state transferred the railroad to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, who then transferred it over to the Texas State Railroad Authority. Today, the railroad acts as a historic tourist attraction. 
    Amtrak Train 528
    Micak Road in Sealy, Austin County
    Looking over a city, with sound