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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, April 1, 1971
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    A pair of rabbits visit Disneyland in California
    Sports - Astros vs Yankeys [sic]: The Houston Astros play the New York Yankees in the Astrodome
    Friendswood Radioactive Truck: Scene of a car accident
    Mutchers [sic] Statement: Texas Speaker of the House Gus Mutscher responds to bribery accusations related to the Sharpstown scandal
    Bray's Reply: Commissioner Jake Bray responds to his accusations of financial mismanagement
    Double Fatal: At the scene of a fatal car accident
    New Uniforms: Hub Kittle shows off the Astros' new baseball uniforms, which switched their primary color from navy to orange
    Cougar Cruiser: University of Houston's traffic and security team
    County Narco Bust: Law enforcement takes suspends and evidence into custody
    Bray Wastebasket: Bray responds to a shredder controversy
    Sports Texas Striders: Texas Striders Sport Development Program
    TSU - Julian Bond: Civil rights activists Julian Bond delivers a speech at Texas Southern University