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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, March 1969
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    U of H  Petition, 03/18/69: The Afro-Americans for Black Liberation student group delivers a list of demands to the University of Houston administration
    Air Force Asso., 03/18/69: Space City welcomes the Air Force Association
    Rudd @ U of H, 03/20/69: Civil rights demonstration
    Bush on Oil Allowance, 03/20/69: Then-Congressman George H. W. Bush talks about the oil depletion allowance
    Bill Arnett on ILA, 03/20/69: Labor negotiations with the International Longshoremen's Association
    S Park Bank Robbery, 03/20/69: Inside a South Park National Bank branch
    Spook Arrested, 03/20/69: An alleged robber in custody
    AFA Awards, 03/20/69: Air Reserve Forces Seminar
    Barry Goldwater, 03/22/69: US Senator Barry Goldwater comments on missile defense
    Fatal Shooting, 03/22/69: At the scene of a crime
    19 Spring Art Festival, 03/22/69: Touring the Masterson Junior Gallery at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston
    League of Women Voters Pres, 03/24/69: The League's president describes its involvement with inner-city regions