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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, December 1966
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    Black Robs Bank, 12/01/66: Cross-dressing suspect robs a bank
    Texas Housewives Meeting, 12/02/66: Silent footage of a gentleman speaking to an assembly of women
    Two-Alarm Fire, 12/02/66: Firefighters hose down a building fire
    Bank Robber Follow Up, 12/02/66: Taking the suspect's statement
    Hoffheinz [sic] Funeral, 12/03/66: Funeral of Irene Cafcalas Hofheinz, wife of former Harris County Judge and Mayor of Houston Roy Hofheinz
    Silver Star Medal, 12/03/66: Silver Star Medal ceremony at a US Army Reserve Center
    Two-Man Drowning, 12/04/66: Officials investigate the scene of a drowning
    Delmar Fire, 12/07/66: Fire fighters battle flames at James M. Delmar Stadium
    Finance Co Robbery, 12/08/66: Police question witnesses and gather evidence at the scene of a robbery
    Dr Phillip [sic] Hoffman on UH Expansion, 12/06/66: Dr. Philip Hoffman—then-President of the University of Houston and future Chancellor of the University of Houston System and President of the Texas Medical Center—details expansion plans to the university campus