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KPRC-TV News Clips (1970)
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    Ray Miller surveys the dude ranches of Bandera
    A day at the Mayan Dude Ranch
    Cowboy breakfast
    Voiceover narration and point-of-view photography recreates a typical tourist's experience while horseback riding
    Visitors to all the nearby dude ranches gather for western dancing
    Steve Smith reports on the consumer demand for a Spirow Agnew watch. The original Spiro Agnew watch was manufactured by the Dirty Time Company. Production had stopped by the time Vice President Agnew resigned in 1973. 
    Martha Mitchell was the wife of US Attorney General John Mitchell. She was a well-known gossip and frequent guest on talk and variety shows, prompting the nickname "the Mouth of the South." John Mitchell controlled a slush fund used to pay for clandestine political operations, including the Watergate break-in. To prevent Martha Mitchell from divulging incriminating information to reporters, she was held against her will in a hotel room and forcibly tranquilized. Nixon aides further sought to discredit Martha in the press. The bodyguard in charge of her confinement, former FBI agent Steve King, was appointed US Ambassador to the Czech Republic in 2017. 
    Miller showcases the bluegrass music on offer at the Tarkington Prairie Jamboree
    Parade of circus elephants before a performance at the Astrodome
    Miller profiles the Mobley Hotel in Cisco. Hotelier Conrad Hilton purchased the hotel in 1919, making it the first Hilton hotel. The building was ultimately restored by the Hilton Foundation and converted into the Cisco Chamber of Commerce and community center.