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The Johnsons of Johnson City (1962)
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1962 |
| English
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    KPRC's Ray Miller asks then Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson about the history of the property
    Johnson outlines his path from school teacher to politician
    Those who inspired him to pursue public life
    Operations at the LBJ Ranch
    On becoming vice president
    Johnson describes his relationship with President John F. Kennedy
    Prospect for the future
    Johnson lauds the American system of government
    The country's biggest problem: learning to get along with the rest of the world
    His most satisfying accomplishments
    Johnson talks about the history of the ranch house
    On Johnson as an employer
    Lady Bird Johnson gives Miller a guided tour of the house
    The Second Lady points out a gift from Bashir Ahmed Sarban, a Pakistani cattle driver who accepted Vice President Johnson's invitation to visit the United States in October 1961
    Dining room
    Main living room
    Lady Bird talks about entertaining at the LBJ Ranch
    Mexican President Adolfo Lopez Mateos visited the LBJ Ranch in October 1959
    Pakistani President Ayub Khan stopped in Texas during a state visit in July 1961
    West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer stayed at the LBJ Ranch during a state visit in April 1961
    Mishaps while hosting dignitaries
    Looking back at her husband's political rise
    A wife's understanding
    Vice President Johnson checks on the cattle
    Johnson Family Cemetery
    Interview with ranch foreman Vernon Dale Malechek
    Lynda Bird Johnson talks about what she is studying at the University of Texas at Austin
    Tripping over microphone cords