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The TCU Football Collection - Southwest Conference Highlights (1956-7)
Texas Christian University
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    Baylor shuts out Texas Tech 27-0 in Waco 
    Baylor beats Arkansas 14-7 on the road
    Texas A&M narrowly defeats TCU 7-6 at a muddy Kyle Field
    In another close victory, SMU wins 14-13 against Rice in Houston
    After leading at halftime, Texas loses to Arkansas 32-14 at home in Austin
    Texas loses to Rice 28-7 the following week in Houston
    Time out to meet members of the All-Southwest honor team
    Baylor guard and Texarkana native Bill Glass later played 11 seasons in the NFL; he was elected to the College Football Hall of Fame in 1985
    Texas A&M halfback John David Crow won the Heisman Trophy in 1957; he served as A&M's athletic director from 1988 to 1993
    Texas A&M tackle and Caldwell native Charles Krueger played 15 seasons in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers; he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1982
    TCU running back and Rusk native Jim Swink finished second in the voting for the 1955 Heisman Trophy; he went to medical school rather than play in the NFL, later practicing as an orthopedic surgeon in Fort Worth
    Texas A&M continues its undefeated season under Head Coach Bear Bryant with a 33-7 victory over SMU in Dallas
    TCU defeats Baylor 7-6 at home in Fort Worth
    The next week, TCU loses to Texas Tech 7-21 in Lubbock