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University of Texas Drama Department: Sights and Scenes of Campus and Pre-Production of Hamlet
Gordon Wilkison
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    The scenes from this video take place in 1954, 1955, and 1960 respectively. In 1959, The University of Texas at Austin's Department of Theatre and Dance experienced a fire that forced the school to move locations. Throughout the video, we get glimpses of pre- and post-fire life within the school.
    This production of Hamlet marked the drama department's 250th rendition.
    Out and about on campus
    The Mary E. Gearing Hall building, seen here, is still in use at the University for various classes—but not much dunking. 
    Professor B. Iden Payne taught at The University of Texas at Austin from 1946 to 1973. Before coming to Texas, Payne was a well-known director of plays in England and Ireland, where he directed hundreds of productions. During his time at UT, Payne directed 30 plays, 24 of which were Shakespearean productions. He retired as a Professor Emeritus in Drama at the age of 91. Three years after his death in 1976, UT dedicated a theater in his name that still stands today.
    This production of Mother Courage was performed in 1960. Present in this production's crew was Sandra "Scottie" Wilkison, a local Austin actress. Wilkison was a prominent member of Austin's theater scene since her graduation in 1957. She, along with her husband Gordon, was often recognized for her work in community theater throughout her career.
    In the classroom
    Bunny ears
    Students cross Guadalupe St. on their way to the Texas Union