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The Rosenberg Library Collection - Governor for a Day (1966)
Galveston and Texas History Center - Rosenberg Library
No Sound on Film |
1966 |
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    District Judge Herman Jones swears Texas Senator A. R. "Babe" Schwartz in as acting governor
    Schwartz introduces him family, including his wife, Marilyn, and their four sons. His parents, brother, and mother-in-law were also in attendance.
    Schwartz signs two declarations, one designating the date as a day of recognition for state employees and the other promoting local action and public awareness in the fight against mental illness.
    Schwartz holds a news conference in the governor's office, where he likely discusses his stance on voter registration. At the time, the Supreme Court of the United States was judging the constitutionality of Texas' poll tax. Should the court deem it unconstitutional (which it did), the amendment would require Texas to establish a system of annual renewal. Schwartz, on the other hand, supported permanent registration.
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