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Corpus Christi 2014 Round-Up Reel
Sound |
 Color & B/W 
| English and Spanish
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  • Highlights
    Television coverage of a national casting call for the film Selena
    Home movie capturing Mexican-American parades during the 1920s
    Day at the beach in 1968
    The King Ranch during the 1950s
    1960 government film about Padre Island
    Kingsville students hold a walkout in 1969
    Home movie of Mexican-American schoolchildren during the 1920s
    Walking along the bayfront
    Government footage documenting the aftermath of Hurricane Celia in 1970
    Coca-Cola commercial starring Selena
    Home movie capturing the Sam Napier Texaco service station during the 1960s
    Universal newsreel from 1937 about President Franklin D. Roosevelt's fishing trip on the Gulf of Mexico
    Home movie footage of the Austin Aquatic Club's trip to Corpus Christi in 1966
    Selena y Los Dinos perform at the Poteet Strawberry Festival in 1994