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Austin Archives Bazaar 2014 Reel
Color & B/W
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    Home movie footage from 1958 of an 80th birthday party
    News footage from 1964 of the Johnston High School Marching Band performing in a parade on Congress Avenue
    Educational film from the 1970s about the Texas Hill Country
    1982 short film showing how to keep fit around Austin
    Historic footage from 1912 of a circus parade on Congress Avenue
    Government film about the Johnson Administration during June 1966
    Home moving from 1983 capturing ice skating on Shoal Creek
    Propaganda film from 1960 about the likelihood of a nuclear missile strike
    Home movie footage from 1974 of a Thunderbirds air show during Aqua Fest
    Willie Nelson performs at Aqua Fest in 1973
    Students tour the the Butter Krust bread-making factory in Austin
    Outtakes from press conferences and interviews featuring Austin-area politicians and prominent figures
    Home movie footage from 1957 showing the early construction of the Cristo Rey Church
    Promotional spot from 1965 for the Uncle Jay Show
    Promotional film from the 1940s documenting activities at Barton Springs and Deep Eddy
    News footage from 1963 of a civil rights demonstration
    Home movie from 1948 of the Barnum and Bailey Circus in Austin
    Highlights from the University of Texas Longhorns 1969 championship season
    Home movie footage from 1962 of the inaugural Aqua Festival Parade and Rodeo
    Home movie footage from the 1950s of a motocar parade on Congress Avenue
    Press conference with Governor John Connally about the UT Tower shooting in 1966
    Home movie footage from 1982 about an anti-nuclear protest at the Capitol
    News footage from 1971 capturing a performance of Hawaiian dance styles outside a Dillard's department store
    Home movie footage from 1943 of Lady Bird Johnson in a field of bluebonnets
    Home movie from 1968 of a memorial service and march honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
    News footage from 1987 of the Seventieth Texas Legislature
    Home movie from the 1950s of horseback riding and cattle roping
    1972 footage of the Ben Barnes Zilker Zephyr Whistle Stop
    DEVO performs at Armadillo World Headquarters in 1979
    News footage from the inauguration of Governor Ann Richards in 1991
    Footage of Congress Avenue and the Capitol in 1964