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Life for the Land (1951)
Cathy Morrow
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    "Dusters Hit Kansas"
    Extent of Soil Erosion in the US
    Top Soil Erosion 1776 vs. "today"
    Stripcropping for Conservation and Production
    Graham-Hoeme Plow in Action
    "Wrong Side Up Monument" & John Christensen
    "Let's Study the Graham Method of Plowing"
    "The top soil will not blow"
    Texas Panhandle Field Saved from Dusters
    Visiting farmers in the Rio Grande Valley
    Traveling to the San Joaquin Valley, California
    Spring in the Deep South
    Texas Panhandle
    Breaking up pasture in San Antonio
    Small farm in Colorado
    Comparison between plows in Kansas
    Spring in the Pacific Northwest
    Saskatchewan Canada