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Amarillo 2014 Round-Up Reel
Color & B/W
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    1916 serial entitled Old Texas
    News footage from 1972 of the Ben Barnes Campaign Train
    1970s advertisement for products made by the Lindsay Manufacturing Company
    Universal newsreel from the 1930s about a dust storm in Dalhart
    Home movie footage from the 1950s of the Tri-State Fair and Rodeo Parade
    News footage of a snowstorm in Amarillo
    Public service programming from 1987 entitled Faces of Amarillo
    Universal newsreel from 1934 about Mother-in-Law Day
    1936 episode of The Local Gang in Kidnapper's Foil
    Home movie footage from 1950 of the Borger Parade
    Government film from 1960 about the Goodnight-Loving Trail
    Home movie of an performance by the Amarillo Symphony
    Home movie footage of the Palo Duro Canyon
    Universal newsreel from 1933 about an airplane collision
     Public service programming from 1987 entitled Faces of Amarillo
    Home movie footage of the Shriners Parade
    Government film from the 1970s about the Texas State Parks System
    Home movie footage from 1961 of football star Junior Coffey
    Promotional film from 1952 entitled Texas: The Big State
    Clip from the 1989 film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade