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A Day at the State Fair of Texas (1941)
State Fair of Texas
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    Eleanor's mother reads the letter from her friend Dorothy
    "Bel Air Farms? He's probably an awful goon."
    Eleanor removes the pin she is supposed to wear so Bill can spot her!
    Bill arrives at the foot of the lagoon, but takes off his pin
    Bill and Eleanor begin talking without realizing they are on their blind date despite themselves and decide to go see the State Fair together!
    The couple begins their date at the Midway
    On to the freak shows
    All the food at the fair!
    The petroleum exhibit, given as a permanent exhibit to the State Fair of Texas by the oil industry
    At the livestock show, the couple stops to look at the Herefords
    "You mean to tell me you're a Texas gal and don't know a Hereford when you see one?"
    A tiny monkey!
    Sheep or goat?
    A horse show
    An ice skating show!
    The county exhibits!
    "You know a lot about our state, don't you?"
    Judging the beef shorthorn
    FFA and 4H club
    The couple goes to see fine art at the Texas General Exhibition
    The couple watches the coronation ceremony of the Texas Queen
    Harry L. Seay, president of the State Fair of Texas crowns the queen
    The Hall of State and the state seal
    It's time to go home, and the couple discovers they were supposed to meet each other all along!