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El Paso 2013 Round-Up Reel
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 Color & B/W 
| English and Spanish
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    President Harry S. Truman visits the city in 1948
    President John F. Kennedy speaks before a crowd in 1963
    Universal newsreel from 1967 about the settling of a border dispute between the United States and Mexico
    Home movie footage of President Lyndon B. Johnson during the border agreement festivities
    Home movie footage from 1967 of Johnson and President of Mexico Gustavo Diaz Ordaz visiting El Paso
    1968 film documenting the history and resolution of the Chazimal Dispute
    News footage about the Johnson Administration during October 1967
    Home movie footage from 1937 of a trip to Fort Bliss
    Government films from the 1970s about Fort Bliss and the El Paso Intelligence Center
    Footage from the 1937 and 1941 Southwestern Sun Carnival Parade
    Home movie from 1952 of the EL Paso Nursery Rhyme Parade
    1988 UTEP Homecoming Parade
    Family trip to the dude ranch El Ranchotel in 1941
    Home movie footage of the Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial in 1949
    Home movie footage of the Old Juarez Racetrack in 1950 
    Campers at Prude Ranch near Fort Davis in 1962
    Home movie footage of a graduation at St. Patrick's Cathedral
    Riding mopeds and go-karts in the 1960s
    Parody film promoting the El Paso Junior League's Holiday Provisional Bash
    View of El Paso and Juarez from the Wyler Tramway
    Footage of a 1974 football game between Burges and Ysleta High Schools
    Playing a round at the Cielo Vista Golf Course in 1984
    Family wedding and Thanksgiving celebration in 1989
    Home movie from 1998 of the Coronado High School cheerleaders
    School dance at St. Joseph's in the 1970s
    Children perform a traditional Mexican dance
    Home movie of a dance performance during the 1988 El Paso International Festival
    Teens dance a Quinceanera Waltz
    Home movie footage from the 2000 Miss Philippines Pageant
    Educational films from 1980s about the El Paso music scene and migrant farm workers
    Public service announcement for the El Paso Chicana AIDS Coalition
    Campus life at UTEP circa 1945
    Performance from the El Paso Public School's Mexican-American Heritage Day in 1973