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The Broken Bridge (1960)
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1960 |
| English
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    Audie Murphy's sons ask about missiles
    Murphy returns to Germany
    Hitler's stadium at Nuremberg
    Murphy travels to Wurzburg, where he was stationed with the 3rd Infantry Division during WWII
    Murphy visits his old platoon then views the Corporal missile
    The 3rd Infantry Division's Honest John rocket battery
    Murphy goes to Oslo
    The Nike Ajax, the Army's first surface-to-air missile
    Nike Hercules missiles
    On the border of East and West Germany
    The broken bridge
    Murphy watches a Redstone trainer missile operation  conducted by Colonel Joseph Harrison at McCully Barracks in Wackernheim, Germany
    Murphy travels to Italy
    NATO at work in Italy
    The officers and Honest John missile in the Alps
    A parade in Turkey, "the gateway to the Middle East"
    Discussing the threat of China
    Murphy arrives at White Sands Missile Range
    Lt. Gen. Arthur G. Trudeau presents the Sergeant missile
    The group watches the Sergeant demonstration
    A demonstration of air mobility, the Little John
    A demonstration of the LaCrosse missile
    The Hawk missile demonstration
    The Honest John missile demonstration
    Audie Murphy returns home