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The Big Thicket
Maxine Johnston
Silent |
1960s |
| N/A
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    Field trip with naturalist Lance Rosier and Professor Russell Long
    Heritage Garden in Woodville. Now known as the Heritage Village Museum, the complex was assembled by Beaumont artist Clyde Gray. It now serves as one of Tyler County's main tourist attractions. 
    Cemetery for the Alabama-Coushatta tribe of Texas
    On the reservation in Polk County
    Moscow and Camden sawmills
    Climbing trees
    Whaley Cove farm
    Steinhagen Reservoir on the Neches River
    Preparations for the Big Thicket Bar-B-Que at West Hardin High School in Saratoga 
    Mayor of Liberty Dempsie Henley at the Bar-B-Que. The event, hosted by the Big Thicket Association on January 9, 1965, was designed to raise support for the forest's preservation. More than 1,200 people attended.
    Performances by members of the Alabama-Coushatta tribe, including hoop and war dances
    Heritage Garden complex
    United States Senator Ralph Yarborough attends a birthday party for Ellen Walker, also known as "Ma Thicket," at West Hardin High School. Yarborough was the most powerful proponent of the Big Thicket National Preserve. 
    Yarborough chats with his constituents
    Politician Don Yarborough (right), no relation to Ralph
    United States Department of the Interior survey group at the Saratoga Museum in 1966
    Field trip for Port Arthur science teachers
    Ivory-billed woodpecker holes