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On the Set of Bandolero!
Austin History Center - Texas Motion Picture Service Collection
Silent |
1968 |
| English
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  • Highlights
    The crew laying cement
    A look at the set of the fictional Old West town created by the crew
    Set for the First Bank of Val Verde
    The remains of the Alamo set from John Wayne's film
    Painting the Sheriff's Office
    Laying stones to build a well
    Spectators watch as the set is built, taking photographs and moving image film of the action
    A horse-drawn wagon comes through the set
    A view of the set from a distance
    Actresses receiving their costumes
    Mustache grooming - a very important part of hair and make-up for this movie!
    The child actors jump rope, color, and play Scrabble
    Actor Dean Martin approaches on horseback
    A cameraman changes the reel of film
    Dean Martin in costume, ready to shoot a scene
    Director Andrew V. McLaglen in the left of the frame, directing the scene