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The Roy Faires Collection, no. 18 - Spotlight on Aliens (1986)
Austin History Center
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    With Aliens (1986) James Cameron does the impossible:  make a sequel that is better than the original
    Roy Faires gives the movie four stars
    Faires interviews actress Sigourney Weaver about her role in the film
    Weaver disappointed by a scene left on the editing room floor
    Weaver "out-Rambos Rambo"
    Faires questions Weaver about the challenges of stardom
    Flight of the Navigator (1986) a beefed up version of a video game
    Faires lampoons Howard the Duck (1986)
    Actor Robin Williams discusses how the filmmakers wanted the duck to sound
    Howard the Turkey?
    Faires interviews writer/director James Cameron about his film Aliens
    Cameron discusses his approach to making the sequel
    Faires asks Cameron about his fear of being typecast as a director