The Ouida Whitaker Dean Collection, no. 25 - Hanging in Shelby County (1976)
Ouida Whitaker Dean
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1976  |
| English
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    The first interviewee discusses her experience surrounding the lynch hanging of Joseph Shields in Shelby County
    The second interviewee shows the students the tree where the man was hung
    One student asks the interviewee about what it was like growing up in the area
    Students ask the interviewee about the circumstances leading up to the hanging
    Beware the clean-shaven man
    The interviewee points out where the victim lived
    One student asks about the motive for the crime
    Close-up shots of documents detailing the events of a hanging
    The third interviewee talks about his experience with the hangings of Lige Daniels and "Buddy" Evins in the 1920's
    The interviewee discusses the events leading up to the Daniels hanging
    Retracing his steps from that night
    The man discusses a second incident he was involved in