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Trouble in Texas (1937)
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    Opening credits
    Carmen (Rita Hayworth), a government agent, is sent to infiltrate a gang of rodeo racketeers in Texas
    Tex Ritter, playing Tex Masters, croons "Down the Colorado Trail"
    Tex foils a stagecoach robbery
    Tex joins the investigation into the racketeers
    "The Rodeo Song"
    The Middletown Rodeo begins
    A plot against Tex starts to form
    Carmen performs a native dance
    "The Cowboy Band" performed by Rudy Sooter and the Texas Tornadoes Band
    The next day of the rodeo
    Tex sings "A Cowboy's Lament" for the crowd
    One of the racketeers plants a poisoned needle in Tex's halter rope
    Tex and White Flash chase down the bandits