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Hittin' the Trail (1937)
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1937 |
| English
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    Opening credits
    Tex Ritter and Hank Worden open the film with a song
    A case of mistaken identity
    "Ridin' the Old Prairie Trail" by the Range Ramblers
    Tex gets himself involved in a horse rustling plot
    Tex runs across the Reed family
    Tex performs "Blood on the Saddle" at the Lucky Dollar
    "Texas Washboard Rag" by the Range Ramblers
    Tex and Hank sing "Hittin' the Trail" with their drove of horses
    The youngest Reed sings "I'm a Rippin' Snortin' Sheriff"
    Reed becomes entangled in the scheme
    Tex confronts the ringleader
    Tex and his posse chase down the horse thieves to "The Vagabond Song"