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JFK Campaigns for the Presidency in Texas (1960)
Roger Simon
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    John F. Kennedy's plane touches down at Meacham Field in Fort Worth, where he and Lyndon B. Johnson wave to the crowd as they disembark
    Kennedy's press aide Pierre Salinger talks briefly with him. Mr. Salinger would become White House Press Secretary during the Kennedy administration and the early part of the Johnson administration.
    Sam Rayburn and LBJ flank the presidential candidate in a convertible as they're escorted to their first stop at Burnett Park
    15,000 people gather to hear Kennedy speak at Burnett Park
    Kennedy shakes hands and chats with John Connally, the future Governor of Texas
    Kennedy stands with his sister Pat Lawford to his right and  Edna Willy to his left. Edna Willy was the widow of Lt. Wilford John Willy, a pilot who perished alongside JFK's brother Joe when their plane exploded over England during WWII.
    Sam Rayburn and Ralph Yarborough look on, perhaps a little amused? Barefoot Sanders sits behind them. Sanders would soon be appointed United States Attorney for the Northern District of Texas by Kennedy.
    Texas Representative from Fort Worth Jim Wright introduces Johnson and Kennedy. Wright would go on to become House Majority Leader, then Speaker of the House.
    A snippet of JFK's speech is audible here
    Mayor Tom Vandergriff, Arlington Texas, and Arlington State Bank
    LBJ and JFK use the back of a convertible and microphone as a podium
    The Chance Vought Aircraft factory at the Dallas Naval Air Station, where Kennedy was presented with a cowboy hat which he can be seen waving as his car pulls away
    The Kilgore Rangerettes, who marched in a parade for Nixon just the day before, now lead Kennedy's motorcade down Main Street in Dallas
    The "rebel flag" was usually a sign of protest against JFK in his rallies in the South, but this young man carries a rebel flag with "Kennedy Johnson" on it.
    Dallas' Memorial Auditorium fills up with 9,500 Kennedy supporters
    James Simon begins his interview about Operation Crossroads Africa