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The Richard Eisenhour Collection, no. 14 - Wedding and Honeymoon (1934)
Richard Eisenhour
Silent |
1934 |
| N/A
  • Map
  • Highlights
    Wedding Party in Tulsa
    Kissing reception and rice throwing
    Visit to river and tree-lined street
    Elgin Plantation in Natchez, Mississippi
    New Orleans French Quarter and St. Louis Cathedral
    Exploring historical New Orleans cemetery
    Mississippi River levee and steamboats
    Hotel Galvez and beach in Galveston
    Laredo or Monterrey
    Landscape of Mexico, including mountains
    Husband dressed in sombrero and jacket
    Canadian ice hockey player Charles "Dinny" Dinsmore and his wife
    Visit to ranch includes couple feeding deer and looking at bear tied to a tree
    Feeding a bear cub
    Visit to waterfall