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Gifts for Gitmo (1962)
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1962 |
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    KPRC radio personalities Tim Nolan, left, and Bob Byron. The morning duo were on the airwaves for over a decade. 
    Red Cross volunteers assemble and wrap presents
    Loading the transport plane
    Meyer Minchen co-pilots the aircraft. Minchen served in the United States Navy during World War II, flying 55 missions in Patrol Bombing Squadron 114. He received seven medals for his service, including the Distinguished Flying Cross.
    Guantanamo Bay Naval Base
    Cuban "cactus curtain"
    Suicide Hill
    Rear Admiral E. J. O'Donnell and Rear Admiral James Davis welcome the arrival of the Gitmo Special
    Admiral O'Donnell on the situation in Cuba
    Unloading the aircraft
    The troops sing "Silent Night" to show their appreciation
    Gift giving
    Holiday greetings from Texan service members