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Lion Cubs at Houston Zoo (1953-54)
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    Harris County Sheriff's Department meeting
    Chief Deputy Ug Williams with the Harris County Sheriff's Department
    Lion cubs
    Baby buffalo
    Head Zookeeper Tom Baylorof the Houston Zoo comments on the birth of the lion cubs. In 1953, Baylor helped rescue a stolen boa constrictor from a Greyhound Bus Station.
    In 1954, thirty monkeys died from a tuberculosis outbreak in the zoo's new monkey enclosure. Big-game hunter C.B. Greer called the enclosure a "death trap" and pulled one of his donated gorillas, Hugo, out of the zoo until the epidemic passed. 
    Trial at the Harris County Courthouse
    Promotional event for the Houston Boy's and Girl's Zoo Fund with Mayor of Houston Roy Hofheinz
    Mayor from 1953 to 1955, Hofheinz was very unpopular with the Houston City Council, particularly after he had four councilmen arrested for boycotting one of his meetings in 1954. The Council voted to impeach him in 1955, but Hofheinz refused to acknowledge the impeachment and was eventually voted out by the public. He went on to join the group that established the baseball franchise that became the Houston Astros as well as the Houston Astrodome. 
    Preparing the animals' food
    Tortoise transportation