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The First 20 Years (1963)
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    The Texas Medical Center now includes 61 member institutions, including 21 hospitals, eight specialty institutions, eight research institutions, four medical schools, seven nursing schools, three public health organizations, two pharmacy schools, and a dental school
    History of the Texas Medical Center
    Baylor College of Medicine (BCM)
    Despite narrator Ray Miller's comment about BCM training "men and women," the students featured in the segment are seemingly all white males. More recent enrollment statistics put the gender ratio among BCM students closer to 50/50. 
    Texas Woman's University College of Nursing, now known as the Institute of Health Sciences
    University of Texas School of Dentistry
     Physical therapy
    Linda Fay Halbouty Premature Nursery at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital
    Visiting doctors and student nurses observe a heart surgery at Houston Methodist Hospital
    Texas Children's Hospital, the largest children's hospital in the world
    University of Texas M. D. Anderson Hospital Research and Tumor Institute, now known as the M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
    Radiation therapy
    Houston Speech and Hearing Institute, now known as the Center for Hearing and Speech
    Chaplaincy training programs at the Institute of Religion, now known as the Institute for Spirituality and Health
    Advancements in medical instruments and scientific research