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Texas Southern University Updates (1968)
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    A change of venue hearing at the Harris County courthouse regarding the trial of Charles Freeman, one of the so-called "TSU Five," on April 28, 1968
    The defendant, Charles Freeman
    Student demonstration at Texas Southern University on March 28, 1967. In March 1967, the University dismissed the Friends of  the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee as an on-campus organization and fired its faculty adviser, Mack Jones. Students launched a week of protests in response. 
    A school administrator publicizes the appointment of a new TSU president: Dr. Granville M. Sawyer. The previous president, Dr. Joseph A. Pierce, resigned after the TSU Riot. He had only been in office one year. Sawyer became TSU fourth's president in July 1968, serving through 1979.
    Freeman hearing
    Harris County District Attorney Carol Vance
    TSU School of Business
    An unidentified man, possibly TSU Dean of Students James B. Jones, expresses doubt on individual administrators ability to prevent campus unrest. Jones made the decision to oust Friends of SNCC, which started the campus demonstrations. With the state legislature already considering a cut to TSU's budget, he reasoned that too much support for the activist group would jeopardize the university's funding.
    Freeman hearing
    District Judge Wendell Odom explains his decision to transfer the trial. District Judge Joe Kelly of Victoria subsequently set a trial date of June 24.
    Houston Police Chief Herman Short explains the department's effort to recruit minority officers. Despite Short's comments, the Houston Police Department remained overwhelmingly white for decades.