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No Chance (1973) (Restoration)
John D'Amico
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1973 |
| English
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    Art Kettelhut was an DJ on KNOW Austin
    Lester Nolan is portrayed by Bill Vail who the following year starred as Kirk in  The Texas Chain Saw Massacre .
    The Poseidon Adventure + Culpepper Cattle Company showed at Southside Twin, 719 E Ben White on the south screen from May 30 - June 12, 1973
    Jim Finlayson, who also portrayed C.W. McCall in the Clio-award winning Old Home Bread commercials
    West 7th Street and San Antonio Street
    Walking along the south side of E 6th Steet, toward Neches St.
    Congress Avenue, Austin
    South side of 7th Street, just west of Congress Avenue (Sampson-Henricks building)
    South side of 10th Street, west of Congress Avenue
    214 West 4th Street
    Shoal Creek, between the Green Water Treatment Plant and the Seaholm Power Plant