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Bronze Sculpting
Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum
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  • Highlights
    Sculptor Charles Umlauf
    Applying clay to an armature
    Building a plaster mould
    Casting a hydrostone figure
    Final changes to the full-size clay model
    Constructing a plaster mould for the larger figure
    Guilio Pogliani—one of the founders of the Founderia Artistica Battaglia in Milan, Italy—oversees the making of the mould
    Applying coats of beeswax
    Assembling sections of the master mould and filling with plaster to form the inner mould
    Retouches to the wax figure
    Attaching gates and vents and applying the outer mould
    Melting the wax and pouring the bronze
    The figure takes shape
    The sculpture arrives at the Port of Houston for transport to the Texas Hill Country
    Finished product