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The Roy Faires Collection, no. 42 - Crime Stoppers Commercials and Updates (1983)
Austin History Center
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    Commercial for KVUE-TV's 24 Action News with Jim Varney's character, Ernest. P. Worrell
    Promo for Crime: The War at Home, a special report on crime in Austin
    Advertisement for Crime Stoppers remarking on the amazing success of the Austin program
    "Crime Stoppers pays for everyone... except the criminal"
    Over 50 percent of cases presented by Austin's Crime Stoppers solved
    Update showing how quickly tips are acted on 
    Tip to Crime Stoppers leads to arrests and drug bust
     Dick Ellis gives a follow-up of a woman wanted for charges of forgery
    A hit-and-run case receives an update
    Greg MacAleese, creator of the Crime Stoppers concept, becomes the director of the Texas Crime Stoppers program
    Promo for Crime Stoppers showing the timeline of a case, from the commitment of the crime to the indictment of the accused