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Matthew McConaughey Returns to Longview - McConaughey Speaks with "Entertainment Tonight" (1996)
Jim Ruddy
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1996 |
| English
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    McConaughey welcomes ET to Longview
    McConaughey describes setting up the premiere in Longview
    ET tells Matthew about who all they've talked to about him in Longview
    McConaughey's old friend shows up on camera
  • Transcript
    JANN CARL: Hi.
    MM: How you doing?
    JC: I'm good.
    MM: Nice to see you. Welcome to Longview.
    JC: Thank you very much. How about, you say, "Hi ET. Welcome to Longview."
    MM: Hi ET. Welcome to Longview, Texas. Right here. 
    JC: So, what's it feel like to be back here?
    MM: Really, really gratifying. The people—when I called and started getting in touch with people about this. People got—jumped on it right away and said, "Oh, yeah we want to come!" I have friends in Houston and Dallas that we called just a few nights ago. And everyone said, "Yeah we'll take off work, we're there." And I really had no idea that people were going to be that receptive that quick. I thought a lot of people might go, oh, we'll see it the twenty-fourth, when it comes out nationwide. But everyone was very excited about coming down here and this feels—you know, what do you call it? A warm welcome. It's been very warm. And this is—I'm excited—this is another excitement. I think that Los Angeles premiere was a different kind of wrench in my gut. This is more of a—all right, this is good. 
    JC: I mean there's nothing like coming home—
    MM: No!
    JC: —and coming home, like, on top. I mean—
    MM: Yeah, I mean, it's great to be coming back for a good thing. You know, here we got a film, and my life's well, my life's going good. This film I'm very happy with. And now everyone, you know—to come back and then people wanted to come back. You know, wanted to say, "Hey yeah, come over we'd love to see it." That's nice.
    JC: Well, I heard it's the hottest ticket in town and that they had to turn some people away. So now you maybe—
    MM: Movies 9!
    JC: (laughter) 
    MM: No, I don't know. We got—no, I think it's in three theaters. I think this is going to be—for whoever got turned away—my mother and I sat down and brainstormed, and tried—and she went through the names and I think we got most of them, but—
    JC: Now, we've been talking to a few people around town, okay. Including Mabelle Henderson. 
    MM: You have?
    JC: Mm-hm.
    MM: You been talking around town? Doing a little snooping?
    JC: Mm-hm.
    MM: You find out some good things?
    JC: You know, I can't find one nasty thing about you, Matthew. 
    MM: See, it's all the truth.
    JC: (laughter) I mean—they're just saying that you were the nicest boy in the whole wide world. Is that true?
    MM: I'm a pretty nice guy. Yeah—I think—what do you think?
    JC: So far, so good.
    MM: All right.
    JX: Yeah. I think so.
    MM: Well, I'm not faking it, so—what do you say, Brian? He might tell a story. He might get me in trouble.
    JX: Ok, come on! We want some dirt! Come on! Who is this? Here, wait a minute. Here you go.  Here you go. You can interview him. Ok, go for it.
    MM: No, we don't—actually—it could go on for an hour. We have—you ready?
    JC: All right. All right. Thank you very much. 
    MM: All right. Hey. Thank you.
    JC: Y'all have fun.
    MM: All right, thank you. 
    JC: Congratulations.
    MM: See you afterward.
    JC: Ok.