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Matthew McConaughey Returns to Longview - McConaughey Speaks to the Media (1996)
Jim Ruddy
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1996 |
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    McConaughey talks about coming back home to Longview
    McConaughey talks about being a celebrity in his hometown
    McConaughey talks about having the premiere in Longview
    McConaughey discusses his family
    McConaughey describes his hometown
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    MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY: The idea came up for this, I guess, about a month ago and I started calling old friends and getting in touch with people. I was surprised at how receptive everybody was. Everybody was very excited about coming. And kind of called people just a few days ago, and they came down from out of town—people that have moved out of Longview and came back. Been coming in and seeing this on the billboard and this is—this is nice. This is really exciting. 
    INTERVIEWER 1: Talk about coming back to East Texas.
    MM: Coming back home to Longview. This is where I moved in 1978 and I have a lot of good memories from here. Raised from third grade through high school here, so as far as friends and—¬¬I mean, driving around yesterday, we took a drive around town and you know there's probably thirty places I've passed and go, oh I remember that, I remember that. Certain stories I remember about each place.
    I1: Maybe even this movie theater?
    MM: Yeah. The last time I was here it was a Cargill 6, yeah, not Movies 9. Yeah, so it's changed names since I've been back.
    INTERVIEWER 2: I think a lot of people dream about coming home a success, but what about coming home a celebrity?
    MM: Two different things right now. One thing, it's just nice to come home, and the celebrity part, this is very new for me. This stuff is just starting to happen so this is the first time for me. It just started, I guess, about two weeks ago, really. And we had, like, the Los Angeles premiere and then we had a premiere in Mississippi, and so this is really nice to come home. And the fact that I am in the film as well this is—yeah you know, it's a double. It's really nice.
    I2: How are people treating you?
    MM: Great so—I mean great. Everybody—you know I ran into some people, some friends last night when I went out. And—sit down, and within ten seconds it's like we just slipped right back in.  Talking with a buddy he goes—after ten seconds, he goes, this is just like we were playing mud football in the front yard ten years ago. So, it's been—the segue has been very easy. Everyone is treating me wonderfully. And I think, nothing's—some things have changed and some things haven't, but everyone's kind of picked up right where we left off. 
    I1: Certainly, this premiere has to be a lot different from Los Angeles'. What's the difference?
    MM: Let's see, I think it's about twenty degrees hotter, number one. It's a little more humid. It'll be—I mean—it'll be interesting going in there when they go into the theater. It's not uh—these are people that I know. I'm going to see faces of people that I haven't seen in ten years. Some of them five years, some two years, some ten and fifteen years. So it's going to be a lot of familiar faces in there that I'm going to run into.
    I1: Did you ever think you'd come back and see your name in lights?
    MM: Nope. Never thought it. Never, never thought it. This—all of this is um, none of it has knocked the wind out of me, but I sure never did have a plan like this. Never did think, you know, one day I'm going to be starring in films and then come back home and film. Never, never thought about it. Never really thought of it. 
    I2: So far, are people in Longview telling you you're acting like a star? That you're remembering everybody? You not remembering anybody? Are you having old friends that you don't remember pop out of the woodwork?
    MM: You know what? We haven't even talked—actually, you know—I haven't even really talked with anybody about the star aspect. We've kind of met, got right in talking to each other like it was old times. It's really, really been very easy and delightfully easy that way. It's been good. Everyone's been—kind of picked right up where we left off. Really. It's been nice that way. It's nice to come back. It's been very, very normal. Very cool. 
    I2: Any predictions about the success of the film?
    MM: I think it's a great film. I think it's a great story well told. I've seen it now five times. I'm really happy with it. Each time I'm seeing something different. I think it's something that America and the rest of the world will embrace and I think it's something that's going to be a very good word-of-mouth film. And, you know, as far as initial—initial success—initial box office, I think it's going to do really well because you've got Grisham, you've got Sandra Bullock—number one as far as from a business side. On the other side, I think critically, I think it's a wonderful film. I think Joel—Mr. Schumacher did a wonderful job. He really told a great story really well.
    I2: Any chances your star power will get you making a movie here in East Texas?
    MM: Maybe. Would never say never, yeah. There's a lot—definitely some stories to be told. I know that yeah.
    INTERVIEWER 3: How's your family feel about coming back to East Texas?
    MM: I feel good. I got my brother in, got my mother in. Let's see, and I just had the family out to Los Angeles for that premiere, but I think everyone's really excited about being back here. You know, it's the same—same kind of thing for them. My brother is running into people that he hasn't seen in a while. My mother is seeing people that she hasn't seen. And to come back for something like this that—there's a lot of reasons to come back smiling. So, this is good for all of us. 
    I1: Any special East Texas memories?
    MM: Ooo, we don't have time, yeah. There's a bunch.
    I1: Any special East Texas women?
    Um, sure there's quite a few. There's a lot of—a lot of great friends here. 
    I1: In your life?
    MM: Oh, in my life? Like—no, go ahead—come on. Shoot straight. What are you asking?
    I1: Single? What's the deal?
    MM: I'm single, yes. Yes, I am. (laughter) You had that question!
    I1: Had to ask.
    I3: One more. How would you describe your hometown?
    MM: You know—how do you give a one-liner on it? A lot of times, I say, you know, for people that have never been to Texas, East Texas is barbeques—barbeques, Baptist churches a lot of good—you know. This is—this is home for me. There's a—it's a very close extension of the family and a very good sense of community around here. And, I like the innocence and the honesty. Very good—good people and it's good to see them.