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The Cochran Family Films, no. 4 - Family Reunion in Clint, Barton Springs Swimming (1954)
Janis Test
Silent |
1954 |
| English
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  • Highlights
    At a fishing camp on Lake Buchanan in Tow, TX
    Frankie Lee Cochran built the boat
    The children show off their catch and a bunny for the camera
    Joe and Lee hold their fish
    At the home of Grandma and Grandaddy Cochran in Clint, TX. Family members take turns posing for the camera, with some of the women wearing matching Apache dresses. Dorothy Jeanne, the blonde child on the left, joins her aunts and cousins. 
    Grandma Mary Evalina Johnson Cochran poses with her daughters, Dorthy Cochran Rowden (left) and Alice Cochran Littlejohn (right)
    The man in the long-sleeved white shirt is Granddaddy Everett Lee Cochran
    The elder Cochran siblings, arranged left to right in order from youngest to oldest: William, Dorthy, Alice, Evelyn, and Frankie Lee. Their parents, Mary Evalina and Everett Lee, complete the family portrait. 
    Mary Margaret Cochran, Dorothy Jeanne Cochran, Betty Jo Littlejohn, and Maxine Cochran (L-R)
    Margaret Cochran, Rudolph Mellard, and Bertha West Cochran (L-R)
    Evelyn Cochran Mellard joins the trio and takes her husband's hand
    The family swims at Barton Springs Pool
    Virginia plays with kittens