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The Cochran Family Films, no. 7 - Holidays, Bike Tricks and Rollerskates (1955-6)
Janis Test
Silent |
1955 1956 |
| English
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  • Highlights
    Dorothy Jeanne plays piano as her mother Bertha looks on
    Virginia on bike, Lee pushing her along
    Madelyn on rollerskates
    Joe helps Virginia on the bike
    Showing off Easter dresses: Madelyn, Dorothy Jeanne, Cousin Marianne West, Virginia
    Aunt Gene (Imogene West) takes a snapshot
    Uncle Johnny, John O. West, joins the girls
    Lee takes a snapshot
    Joe joins the group
    (L-R) Joe, Lee, Uncle Johnny, Dorothy Jeanne, Marianne, Madelyn, and Virginia
    Virginia back on the bike
    Aunt Gene plays 'Got You Last' before she, Uncle Johnny and Marianne drive off in their Studebaker. According to donor Janis Test, her family referred to the game as "Last Tag Kings," and required players to touch the bottom of their feet.
    Joe does bike tricks
    Lee does bike tricks
    Madelyn does bike tricks
    Virginia does bike tricks